Hello, I'm Shane O'Sullivan

I'm a software engineer & manager

Here are some of the things I'm happy I made at some point.

Kidz Fun Art

Kidz Fun Art is an enjoyable colouring and drawing app for kids. It is optimized for use on a tablet such as the iPad, but works well in any browser.

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React.js Documentary

I took part in a documentary on the creation of the React.js JavaScript library, along with other early Facebook colleagues. Watch and enjoy!

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Gitmeme is a fun Chrome browser extension for Github.com that makes it easy to find and insert fun meme and gif images into comments.

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Facebook Ads

For 4.5 years I worked in Facebook Ads, leading the teams that built Facebook Power Editor and Ads Manager. By the time I left, over 75% of all Facebook revenue started with these apps.

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As Head of Engineering at Promise I built products focused on getting people out of jail in the USA, and helping them pay government debt interest free.

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Dark Legacy Comics

Dark Legacy Comics is an awesome long running web comic, written by a friend. I built him two apps, for iOS and Android, using React Native

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JSON To TypeScript

A simple tool that converts a JSON object or Array into a representative Typescript type

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Countdoku is a fun multiplayer Sudoku game. Play tiny easy games for kids, standard Sudoku, or huge games either competing or collaborating with friends.

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Maskmail was a service that provided anonymity online. Auto-generate a new email address for every site you sign up to. I co-founded the company, and it shut down in 2022.

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A site that gives you a way to respond to Donald Trump's tweets. Donate to charity whenever he tweets, and we reply on Twitter to thank him for helping

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Robotics Research

I studied Robotics at the University of Limerick, focusing on robotic navigation & map building. Some fun things came out of it, like MapViewer, a tool for robotics researchers in that field.

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Mobile Apps

I enjoy building apps for mobile, including iOS, Android and the now defunct WebOS plaform. A particular favourite is Dark Legacy Comics, available on iOS and Android

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Conferences & Lectures

I enjoy talking about tech, though I do it less that I'd like. Some fun ones were chairing the Web Performance section of EdgeConf 2013 », talking about EnyoJS in London », & a lecture on Software Engineering Careers. Check them out if interested.

Dafty for Chrome

A browser extension for the property site Daft.ie in Ireland. It adds a lot of cool features for people looking to rent or buy property there.

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My friend Karolis Kosas and I built a fun Spotify playlist generator based on your existing music tastes.

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Dojo Toolkit

For many years I contributed to the Dojo Toolkit JavaScript library. At the time it was the best in class, and I had a lot of fun building for it.

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React Url Decoder

A simple ReactJS app for decoding a URL into a JSON object, as I did this every day for a while at work. Clean code to show best practices in React.

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Racially Uncharged

A Chrome extension that brings a bit more truth to journalism by replacing every instance of the words "racially charged" with the word "racist"

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